Show Season Schedule for 2017

It’s getting to that time of year again! Application Season! I’m still not sure what’s more stressful, application season, hoping and wishing your good enough to get into a show, or show season it’s self! :-)

Here is my “Wish List” of shows this year! Some are confirmed, some have not been yet, waiting on Jury results, so fingers crossed!

3/24 & 3/25 – Junk Bash – Columbus, OH
April/May Break!
6/3-6/4 – Arts on the Green – LaGrange, KY
6/10-6/11 – Crocker Park Fine Art Affair – Westlake/Clevelend, OH
6/17/6/18 – Worthington Arts Festival – Worthington, OH
6/23-6/25 – Easton Art Affair – Easton Mall, Columbus, OH
7/8-7/9 – Westerville Art Fair – Westerville, OH
7/22-7/23 – Akron Arts Expo – Akron, OH
8/5-8/6 – Ohio Wine Festival – Kirtland, OH – *NEW*
8/19 – Art-a-plooza – Green, OH
9/9-9/10 – Black Swamp Art Festival – Bowling Green, OH
9/16-9/17 – Arts in the Alley – Grove City, OH

Holiday Season is still in prep mode! I’ll keep everyone posted!!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page for some more updates! 

Show Season in Full Swing

Where did June go? I had a show every single weekend! June is always the busiest of the year. You’d think right before Christmas would be, but nope, it’s June!  2 shows in July, 2 in August…

OK here is the schedule that I know of so far!

Summer of the Arts – Youngstown, OH 7/9 & 7/10
Akron Arts Expo – OH 7/23 & 7/24
Art-a-plooza, Green, OH 8/20
Salt Forks, Camridge, OH 8/13 – 8/15
Dublin Art Fair, Dublin, OH 9/3
Black Swamp – Tentative 9/10 – 9/11
Arts in the Alley, Grove City, OH 9/17 & 9/18
Neptune Arts – VA Beach, VA 9/27 – 10/3
Yellow Springs Street Fair 10/8
Dazzle Show, Ashland OH 11/6
Cleveland By Hand 11/11-11/13
Christmas Fair, Columbus, OH 11/20 – 11/21
Holly Fest 12/3, 12/4, 12/5
St Nick, Parma, OH 12/10 & 12/11

2016 Show Season about to start!

It’s here! The first show of the season! As always Delaware Arts Festival is my kickoff! It’s a great show every year! Maybe this year we’ll be spared the few hours of rain that seem to hit every year. :-)

New gallery pictures coming soon!


2016 Already?!

I’ve been a bad business website owner! I’m sorry. I have a good excuse!… I got married!  OK, not the BEST excuse, but  I promise to be better this season!

With that I have a few…OK, a lot of updates!

  1. I finally got my gallery section up and working again, so stay tuned for some new pieces!
  2. I have teamed up with my sister to create a “side project!”  Introducing…. 2 JERSEY GIRLZ! With this amazing partnership we can do some bigger shows and travel a bit more so keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get accepted into some huge shows, like Three Rivers in PA and The Neptune Festival in VA!  I’ll keep you posted… I PROMISE! :-)
  3. First show THIS WEEKEND! The Gift of Light Show in Columbus, OH! It’s a dry run for the start of the new season. I have a whole new look and setup!  This isn’t the final but the first run, I decided on black walls instead of white, etc. 2016 Booth First Run
  4. The real kick off of show season is May. I’ll be updating the Show Calendar when acceptance or declines :-( come it.

That’s about all I got for now! Stay Tuned!!!!

Show Season 2015!!

Wow!! Next weekend starts the 2015 art show season!! I swear it comes faster and faster every single year. It’s 4 months till my wedding!! I’m doing about 13 shows this year. With the wedding I’m doing few shows this year. More close to home, averaging 2 per month. Nothing in September, my wedding date is 9/12. I’ll post some new items soon! You can see the new pieces (and new booth layout) next weekend. May 16th & 17th, in Delaware, OH!


I’m totally slacking with this site this year!  I’m so sorry, I blame this cuteness:

My baby boy!

My baby boy!

GHOST! My now 7 month old deaf and blind Great Dane puppy!!

I also blame my Gallery plugin for acting up, and the fact that I’m buying a house… OK OK yeah, it’s still my fault for slacking!   I did update my Calendar!  Check that out for the rest of the shows for the season! With buying and closing on the house, I won’t be doing too many in October and November. If you need Christmas presents you can always Email me!

It's HERE!!

Show season is less then 24 hours away!! Delaware Arts Festival!!  Be there or be square! ;-)  Yeah, I’m a nerd, I know. Hehe!  So much cool new stuff this year, I did a lot of one-of-a-kind, never before seen stuff over the break. Come look and get some cool stuff before it’s gone for good!

Check out the new booth set up too!! Gonna be a great season!!!


2 Weeks?!?

It’s really 2 small weeks till the first show of the season?!  Wow!!  Time flies when you’re…. working away in a studio!! I updated the summer shows in the Calendar check it out!  First show is Delaware Arts Festival!  I’m excited to be returning to this show, it’s always lots of fun!

I do have some new pieces to show everyone, but my Gallery is being cranky at the moment. Stay tuned, they should be up soon… hopefully!

Fairy Coats

My mother and I are collaborating artists!!

Our work is what is referred to as, “up-cycled.”  If you’re here you know my work already, so I want to introduce my Mom’s work!

Lynn McAleer creates whimsical “fairy” coats and accessories from recycled sweaters of assorted wool, angora, alpaca, mohair, merino and cashmere. Each coat can take 7 to 12 sweaters to create. They are well constructed and durable.  Each Fairy Coat is unique…reconstructed from wool sweaters to make each coat a “one of a kind personality”. Every coat has a custom embroidered pocket to match its colors and look.  Check out her site!

IMG_8993b IMG_0035a IMG_8923b IMG_8910b


Show Updates!

It’s almost Thanksgiving already!? Wow!  That means Christmas shopping is in full swing!  I just updated the Shows page! Check it out, I have 5 shows left!  Some in Dayton, some in Columbus and one in KY! Nothing like ending the season with LOTS of travel!

On another Note….

I’m HONORED to be presented with BEST OF SHOW in Jewelry at the Arts Castle in Delaware, OH!  They will also be carrying a few of my pieces in the gift show year round! I’m really excited to be part of such a great gallery! Thank you everyone!!

I WON!  They like me! They really really like me!!!

I WON! They like me! They really really like me!!!

My favorite pocket watch cuff won!

My favorite pocket watch cuff won!


Show Season... STILL?

I’ve been really bad with keeping everyone updated lately, forgive me.  Show season has totally kicked my butt this year!!  Wow! I’ve met some amazing people and really do love it, but I’m ready for some nights next to a fireplace not my workbench! Only a few more shows to go!  Check Shows page for updates!

I’ll be at Castle Arts Affair – Nov. 7 – Nov. 10, Check out the website here.  I’ve been slaving away at some new pieces for the gallery! Check them out:

10/23/2013 - Some new designs for the Arts Castle Event

10/23/2013 – Some new designs for the Arts Castle Event

Close up:


10/23/2013 - Castle Gallery pieces

10/23/2013 – Castle Gallery pieces

Just about all of these are one of a kind. I can sometimes do something similar, but it depends what pieces I can find. Feel free to email me if there is a piece you are interested in that’s not in my shop! I’ll see what I can do!

Back to work!



Back to NYC

I can’t believe it’s almost Labor Day already!! Where has this summer gone?   Oh yeah, to my studio, cause that’s about all I’ve seen this summer! Show season has been so good to me! I’m so very thankful! This year I’ve meet so many great people and fellow artists! People praising my work means so much to me. It makes the nights in the studio till 1am worth it.  That’s been this week. Up till 1am working then off to the full time big girl job! LOL! Coffee is my friend! :-)

I’m so excited for a few days off from the big girl job and going HOME to NYC for 6 days!! Granted I’ll still be working Saturday, Sunday and Monday but that’s at the Washington Square Park art show in Manhattan!   I’ll be on University Place between 11th and 10th Ave.  Come visit me!

NYC here I come!



Show Season in Full swing!

Wow! It’s almost August!! I’m head first in show season. It’s been great!!  I have met so many amazing people! Great customers, loyal customers, great up and coming artists!  Speaking of which, I have to do a plug for a great artist I met at Youngstown, Chris Deighan! He has such a great talent and a great guy as well!

Christopher Deighan Artist Check him out!

I thank my dear friends and family for all their support so far this season, and forgiving me being MIA a lot cause I’m doing shows every weekend.  A lot more shows coming up, check out my calendar

I hope everyone is having a great summer and I will see you at a show soon!


It’s here!  COMFEST WEEKEND!!  I’m excited/nervous/stressed/hyped… all in one! This is my first year doing the festival so I’m not sure what to expect! Come visit if you can!

I did a great new piece I want to share with everyone!  I’m really digging it!


Great Weekend!

Thank you everyone that came out to the Olde Worthington Art Festival!! It was a great weekend! I met so many wonderful people. The compliments on my work was really overwhelming and so humbling! It was a great reminder of why I work so hard! Only a month into show season and I’m already ecstatic over the response to my work!  Thank you everyone so much! I promise to try and keep up the good work! :-)

Granville Wine Festival this weekend!

Come check out the Granville Wine Festival this weekend!  I love doing this show! It’s always a lot of fun with lots of great artists and people. Plus, of course it’s WINE!! They have beer too!  Tonight from 5 – 9 and tomorrow 10 – 8! It’s free to get in! The VIP Wine Tent tickets are $40, but you can get beer and wine by the glass!  $10 for 5 tickets.  I also made up some new cork necklaces for the show!

Check out more of my new cork designs in The Gallery!

Also, keep up on the new shows being added, check out The Calendar!


It’s official!  I got my documentation from the Copyright office. My “Key to Time” design is now a copyrighted design! I have my cease and desist forms ready should I see someone trying to steal the idea!  Go me!



Show List

It’s just about to start the heart of show season!!  Memorial Day weekend I’ll be in NYC! I’ve been blessed with getting accepted to the Washington Square Park Art show! I’m very excited to be doing a show back home! Road trip for Mom and I!

I also just got my acceptance to ComFest! LOTS of shows this season!  Check out my Calendar for all the dates and info!

Maple & Main

It’s official!  I just got my acceptance into the Maple and Main Art show in Sylvania, OH!  Mark your calendars! June 1st & 2nd!

First Show of the 2013 Season

It’s that time ALREADY?!?   No matter how much I prepare show season sneaks up on me every year!!  THIS SATURDAY is my first show!  Wooster Jam Festival  This will be my first year there, so we’ll see how it goes!! Wish me luck!!!

Now in the Tuttle Mall!


You can now get some of my work at The Tuttle Mall in Simply Vague!!  Check it out!  They have some GREAT stuff by all local Ohio artists. Shhh… we won’t let them know I’m a native New Yorker! Hehe!  Not the best of photos, the sun was not cooperating with me, but you get the idea. I’m right by the cash register! There are a lot of One-of-a-kind pieces in the shop!! A few that are in the Gallery!  2 weeks till the first show of the season!!

Show Acceptances starting to come in!

This is always the most stressful time of the year as an artist doing the “show circuit.”  Applying to shows! So many shows and so many different rules and what not.  Then the nerve racking wait of if you get in or not! No one likes to get those “Thanks but no thanks” letters.

So far I got 2 rejections. :-(  One a total surprise!  After 3 years doing the Delaware Arts Festival in May I was rejected this year. That was very upsetting, I’ve always really enjoyed that show.  Then The Crosby Festival in Toledo, but that’s a very hard one to get into, so I can accept that one.

On the GOOD news side, I got accepted to a few really good ones so far. The most exciting is the Olde Worthington Arts Festival, June 15th and 16th! I was rejected last year, so I’m very excited about this one.

There is also the North Market Artisans Sundays! I will be there the first Sundays of the month. I will also be doing the Westerville 4th Fridays! Only certain ones (other show conflicts), so you can find me there April 26th, July 26th and August 23rd!

All the dates of my shows can be found in my Calendar of Shows! I will add more as I get confirmations on acceptances or rejections, so keep an eye out for that!

With that, I’m off like a dirty shirt! Back to filling out applications!

Up and Running

It’s ALIVE!  :-)  Here I am, with my very own website!  Thanks to, Brad and a lot of blood sweat and tears!  I am still adding photos to the gallery and putting more stuff up on Etsy. If there is anything you see in the gallery that isn’t on etsy, just email me! I love to do custom pieces.

Many of the pictures in the Gallery were taken in my art studio on my work bench or sometimes, believe it or not, on my leg (for the black background)! Forgive the lack of professional photos. There are many times I’m so excited about a new piece I just want to put it out there for everyone to see!

Welcome to ELM Jewelry Designs!

I’ve always been a tomboy, softball player and always seem to have my hands dirty no matter what I get into. It was my freshmen year of high school when I realized all jewelry out there is so “girlie.” I’m not a fluffy, sparkle, gaudy kinda girl! So I decided I will start my own line of jewelry for the “Non-girlie girls” out there!
I graduated from The Fashion institute of Technology with a degree in Jewelry Design. This formal training gave me the fundamental skills in a variety of design work (soldering, working with an acetylene torch, wax carving, technical drawing, filing, sawing, and metal work), so I decided to create unique, affordable pieces that every woman could wear.

In Fall 2010, I introduced the Steampunk line. I use authentic, antique watch parts and dictionary pages as well as other Renaissance-inspired and period materials to craft intricate, custom-made designs. My inspiration is pulled directly from my personal life in that I am fascinated by unconventional knickknacks and subcultures. Through my jewelry I have found a balance in living my alternative lifestyle while maintaining a business professional appearance.

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